Amanda Stay

Sixth-time marathoner and Physical Therapist, Amanda Stay, has been treating Peri Finkelstein for seven years. Throughout their time together, they have developed a life-long friendship that transformed into something that is more than just a patient and therapist relationship. She has instilled in Peri the belief that everything is possible. Amanda is currently a therapist at a facility in Garden City, New York, known as Keep Moving Forward Inc.

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Mike Lisi

Personal trainer and businessman, Mike Lisi is the man. He is the co-owner of RAF Strength & Fitness, and a partner in Curbside Mexican Grill and NUE Eats. In 2020, Mike ran his first marathon with Team Peri in his tutu and is already counting down until #Miami2021. He is Team Peri’s personal trainer to Lori, Katy, and Peri.

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